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Family workshops are a great way to get creative with the whole family, they are lots of fun and you will leave with your own unique hand printed item. The voucheris sent to you with a hand printed fabric envelope. The print design, colour and button will not be the same as shown. You will learn about the basics of screen printing, and be shown how to create your own stencil design, for younger participants Zara can assist in the stencil making or you can use the selection of pre-made screens to decorate your textile item. 

You will be asked to choose the item you would like to print on to at time of booking this could be;


Tote bag

Draw string bag

Tea Towel


The workshop voucher is for 2 aduts and 2 children, suitable from age 6. Contact Zara to add aditional participants. 

This will be a private workshop booking at a time and date to suit you. 

Family private workshop voucher

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