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Children's Parties

Children's birthday parties are creative, colourful, messy fun. They are suitable for ages 7-12 and the studio can accommodate up to 8 children. On arrival children will be given an apron and Zara will demonstrate the screen printing activity. Each child will be given an item to screen print on to, you have a choice of;


Tote bag

Draw string bag

The children will decorate their item using pre-made screens with a large range of images suitable for girls or boys. For an additional charge you can select your own images for screen, these must be sent to Zara 7 days before the party. There will be a break one hour in and you are welcome to provide your own food and snacks. All printing will be finished 20 minutes before the finish time to allow drying and heat setting of all items, which is a good time to do the birthday cake. 

"My son recently did a screen printing workshop with the lovely Zara Emily to make T-shirt’s and celebrate his birthday. Nothing was too much trouble, she even went to the effort of creating two separate screens for him to use with skateboard designs we provided.

Zara explained the process to the children and then encouraged them to come up with their own designs. She has lots of images to choose from so the children were in their element.

My son was over the moon with the end result and thoroughly enjoyed the whole workshop. All the children there had an amazing time being creative and learning a new skill.

I wouldn’t hesitate to book again or recommend Zara’s workshops to others. If you have never been I encourage you to try it, no matter what age you are, it’s great fun!" Rebecca Selby-Matthews

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